A CPD revolution

According to a report published the previous year by the research firm Outsell, the estimated value of the UK legal CPD market in 2016 was £21m. In a piece in the September 2016 issue of Counsel magazine, Stephen Honey, Head of Learning at LexisNexis UK, outlined the benefits which the changing face of CPD could bring to barristers.

Various members of the bar (of whom I was one) were asked about the benefits of webinars for presenters. In chambers, we work with a business development consultancy on improving our presentation skills. They would be the first to say that, for the presenter, webinars are probably the most challenging format there is.

The flip side of this is that webinars give solicitors and other potential clients all over the country (and beyond) the chance to assess at their leisure over anything up to an hour not only a barrister’s expertise but also his or her manner and approachability. It is always satisfying to receive instructions from a new firm but, because of the unique challenges involved, particularly rewarding to do so on the strength of a webinar.

Click here to read Stephen’s article on the Counsel magazine website.

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