Mortgage webinar still available online

“Mortgages in 2021”, a LexisNexis® Webinar, was broadcast on 31st August 2021 but is still available on demand (with much of the material covered remaining current).

In the webinar, Peter discusses:

  • the judgment of the Supreme Court in the professional negligence case of Manchester Building Society v Grant Thornton UK LLP [2022] AC 783, a decision which has been referred to as “SAAMCO revisited”
  • a cautionary tale for private lenders arising from the statutory regulation of mortgage lending under FSMA: the case of Jackson v Ayles [2021] BPIR 816

Peter’s co-presenter, Jeremy Cousins KC, also of Radcliffe Chambers, talks about:

  • Emerging from Covid: the relationship between lenders, borrowers and valuers as restrictions were lifted
  • Avoiding liability: lenders, receivers, agency, invalid appointments and exclusion clauses (Canada Steamship revisited)

Click here to watch a YouTube preview or here to purchase the full webinar.

Click here for Peter’s chambers profile.

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