Bridewell Theatre revival for Judgment at Nuremberg

In July 2011, a “company of legal professionals” (judges and lawyers playing judges and lawyers) raised over £20,000 for the Tricycle Theatre’s Education, Social Inclusion and Artistic Programme with five performances of Judgment at Nuremberg.

The play is Abby Mann’s 2001 stage adaptation of the 1961 Academy Award winning movie of the same name, a fictionalised account of the Judges’ (or Justice) Trial: United States of America v. Josef Altstoetter et al. (Case III) February 17, 1947 – December 4, 1947.

It was a privilege to have the opportunity to work at the Tricycle with a fully professional production team. Our experience gave the lie to the adage that all barristers are actors. In a relatively short rehearsal period, we had to attempt to learn something of the real craft of acting and the discipline of performance.

We now have a second chance to try to make the show even better. Sally Knyvette (“Blake’s 7”) is directing an “Off-Fleet Street” revival at the Bridewell Theatre in March 2013. This time, the proceeds will go to Paul’s Cancer Support Centre. We will be rehearsing hard from January to produce something which we hope will be worthy of the support of our colleagues, clients and friends.

Tickets for evening performances will include wine and a light buffet supper.

As Sally notes, “for once it is the judges who are on trial”.

Judgment at Nuremberg, Bridewell Theatre, 20 March 2013 until 23 March 2013, ticket purchase details to follow.

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